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by aqueous extraction


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Extract production with

25+ Years of Professional Experience.

1HARMS LLC produces a large name of high-quality extracts from medicinal herbs, which have repeatedly been praised by consumers for their high concentration of active ingredients, supply stability, prompt execution of orders and compliance with international quality standards ISO9001: 2015, ISO22000: 2015, GMP assigned to us by the European certification center and certifications Afnor group.

Compliance control is carried out using high-performance liquid chromatography as well as other methods.

Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with the Federal Tariff Service and Technical Specifications.

We produce more than 180 extract items.

1All extracts produced are characterized by a high content of active substances.

We independently register all the necessary documents for the production of new items.

We continually seek and obtain new accreditations and undergo regular audits.






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